Five Kittens Up For Adoption!

Tracy, Lacey, Clancy, Casey, and Inkblot are from the same family and can be adopted in any combination.

These five kittens need a good home – could it be yours? Tracy and Inkblot are females; Clancy, Lacey and Casey are males.  All but Inkblot are grey tabbies; Inkblot’s silky coat is pure black.

All of these kittens are sweet, playful, curious and happy; all of them purr on contact.  Lacey is the shyest; Clancy is the most cuddly; Casey is the boldest and most adventurous.

Come meet this group and you’ll find whatever purrsonality you are looking for.  To learn more about adoptingone (or all five!) of these sweet kittens, send us an email!

CCK is available for adoption



Fostermom writes that “CCK — now affectionately named Schrodinger, ‘Ro’ for short — has had a phenomenally easy transition into the apartment. He’s been so friendly and cuddly, and we’re amazed at his ability to adapt after all that he’s been through. In the mornings, whoever wakes up first can count on him following them around the house for company, and whoever is the last to sleep is guaranteed a kitty in their bed. He even sits in the porch window when we’re outside, hoping for us to come in and play! Overall he’s extremely social and friendly. He’s even immediately accepting of new guests in the apartment.” CCK went for his vet trip last weekend. He’s now neutered, tested (neg/neg), vaxed, and ready to meet his adoring public. If you are interested in adopting CCK, please write to

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