Reserve Your Limited-Edition Hyde Park Cats Tee!

Hyde Park Cats teeYou know you want one!  Here’s an opportunity to show your support of Hyde Park Cats via a limited-edition t-shirt.  For every shirt sold, $5 goes toward providing veterinary care for homeless cats and then finding them homes.  Show your Hyde Park and/or cat pride and/or love of the color slate (slate!) with our unique shirt.

But please note: this won’t get printed unless we sell a minimum of 50 shirts.  And if they don’t get printed we won’t have money to spay and neuter cats.  And if we don’t have money to spay and neuter cats then there will be lots of extra kittens.  And if there are lots of extra kittens then we’ll send a bunch over to your house to stare at you through your window with their sad kitty eyes.  So, if you don’t want dozens of sad kittens peering through your blinds, buy this t-shirt!  And then buy one for a friend.  And then buy one for your mom.  Mom’s love cat shirts.

What are you waiting for? Get your limited-edition Hyde Park Cats t-shirt today!


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