Cordelia, a 5 year-old gentlewoman, came to us a few weeks ago and is being fostered by one of our star volunteers, who writes:

“As for her backstory, she was found on the street roughly 4 years ago by a UChicago student, who took her in and then gave her to some friends. Those friends are the ones that cared for her for most of college and the year after, moving her around from apartment to apartment as they did. They’d like Cordelia to have a bit more stability and consistent love & company than they were able to provide.

Cordelia so far has been an impressively good house cat. She is very clean, uses her litter box like a champ (and doesn’t track litter all over the place!), and has not once scratched my furniture, opting for her scratching posts instead. She’s a little overweight, although she doesn’t eat that much. Cordelia’s also pretty low-maintenance, she is mostly just content sitting on the couch with me and doesn’t need much more stimulation than a scratch behind the ears. I could imagine her as doing really well with a family or older owners who don’t want a super energetic or destructive kitten.”

Take a gaze into Cordelia’s beautiful green eyes and contact to meet her today!

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Gray Boy, aka Bandit, is waiting

Gray Boy, aka Bandit, has flourished so much in such a short time inside.  His fosterer has sent us a wonderful narrative about his journey:

“I’ve known Gray Boy for a couple years. He has been a resident in our alley. When GB first came to stay with me, he spent a lot of time in the windows… usually on the far side of the room from me.

I'm inside now?

I’m inside now?

Not surprisingly, GB first approached me when it was dinner time…


Food lady!

Food lady!


We started with “hand feeding” him the wet food.


Closer and closer…


Play time! Very inquisitive and quite the stalker.


Cuddles. He loves to be pet and is not shy when he wants some attention!


From semi-feral alley cat… to lap cat.

Gray Boy loves to play – he will chase nearly anything. The vet has him between 3-5 years old and plays like that. When he forgets that my skin is not tough enough to deal with his claws… he responds to a firm “no” and diversion with a better toy.

He loves meal time! No surprise when you see his belly.

Gray Boy has a powerful purr and doesn’t hesitate to use it!

He has done well as a solo kitty with the run of the place.”


A million thanks to this superstar fosterer for all her work, love, and patience with Bandit!  To meet him, please contact


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