Millie and Pidge

Milly and Pidge

Millie and Pidge are a brother-sister kitten pair who were seen being dumped on the Midway late in the afternoon on October 23. A volunteer’s coworker saw the cats being dumped and scooped them up right away. Within an hour, they were safe and warm in a HPC volunteer’s bathroom (photo above). They have since settled into their new foster home (photos below)!

About their personalities, their first fostermom writes: “Millie is the bigger, braver, and bossier kitten. She is fearless and really chatty. Her brother Pidge is a bit meeker but super affectionate. He just wants to cuddle. Even though they sometimes compete over food, they clearly love each other a lot. They curl up next to one another on the towel bed I’ve set up for them, and are usually snuggling when I open the door. Both Millie and Pidge love being held and petted. As soon as I go into the bathroom to say hello to the kittens or brush my teeth, they start nuzzling me and try to jump in my lap (even when I’m standing up!).”

Seriously, how cute are these guys?


These little love-bugs will be available for adoption soon! More updates to come.
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