Meet Autumn–a beautiful easygoing Tortie


Meet Autumn, a sweet and beautiful tortie. We estimate that she is maybe 7-8 years old. She was found hungry on the streets of Hyde Park, and HPCs volunteers brought her inside after learning from neighbors that she had been left behind when her owners moved away. She is now purrrfectly content to be with people again and with all the food, love, and warmth that has come her way!

She is as sweet as pie and would make a great companion. She is pretty low maintenance–calm, friendly, and loves pets, especially head scratches. She doesn’t seem to care much for toys, but she is all about curling up next to you. She was a staff favorite at the vet office for being such a sweetheart.

She has been vetted: spayed, is neg/neg, and is up to date on her vaccines. If you need more Autumn in your life, please write to us at !

Autumn IMG_2664

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Garfield’s journey from colony cat to lap cat


Garfield came to us from a cat colony south of Hyde Park. He was TNRed back in 2012, but was too sweet to stay outside. Recently the buildings in the area where he and his caretaker lived were slated for demolition so he had to be moved. HPC volunteers worked with his caretaker to take him in and found a foster home for this big orange love.

We are happy to report that he is really getting the hang of indoor living. His fostermom writes that he is doing great: “He’s adapting very well to apartment life. He is extremely affectionate and loves getting attention.”

More recently fostermom wrote that “he is doing very well and his personality has been really emerging over the last week. He’s incredibly affectionate and most of the time just wants to be close to me (which often includes climbing onto my textbooks when I’m reading), although he’s also able to entertain himself by looking out the window or playing with toys. He loves scratches behind the ears, little toy mousies, and his kitty bed. He also loves to be held, and lets me hold him on his back in my lap and rub his belly (on his schedule, of course). He doesn’t let me forget when it’s time to eat and can be very vocal when he’s hungry!”

If you are interested in meeting handsome Garfield, please write to us at !

Here also is a video of Garfield before we found him a foster home:

IMAG0629 IMAG0644Garfield

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