Hancock, Hadley, and Harvey: three brothers waiting for their forever home

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TNR volunteers trapped kittens Hancock (below with the toy mouse), Hadley (above) and Harvey (the yawning one!) and they are now in HPC foster homes.

We think that they are all brothers as they are about the same age and were found together. They are about 5-6 month old, are also doing well getting the hang of indoor living. Warmth, food, love? Yes please!

If you are interested in adopting these darling kittens please let us know!

image (17)Hancock

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Jezebel update!


Jezebel is a 1-2 year old blind cat who appeared one cold day in Hyde Park seeking warmth and food. She was clearly fending for herself on the streets, which is incredible given that she is blind in both eyes. She was quickly taken into the HPC foster system and given vet care, and it turned out that her eyes are at risk for infection and she needs to have eye surgery to help her live a long happy life.

With the generous support of countless donors, Hyde Park Cats was able to raise the money to get her much-needed surgery. We’ve scheduled the procedure for the end of January. Once Jezebel has recovered, she’ll be available for adoption.

We’ll post more updates on Jezebel after her surgery—stay tuned!

And in the meantime here is a video of her playing fetch! Incredible.


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