This beautiful young dilute tortie was found hungry and lost outside. We don’t know what her story is–she was not chipped–and we are advertising her as a lost cat through our networks. In the meantime, she is a tentative new intake, and luckily there was foster space open for this sweet girl. She seems so happy to be inside and be with people.
Her new caretaker met her and immediately named her Freckles. She is under 6 pounds, so is either very young (we think 6 months) or very petite. She is unhesitatingly friendly and playful, as the pictures show! If you recognize her, or if you are interested in her, please write to us at !


IMG_7989 IMG_7994 IMG_8002 IMG_8006 IMG_8029 IMG_8031 IMG_8039 IMG_8047

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