Cats from AWL: meet the new intakes!


Great news! HPC volunteers were able to pull 4 cats from the AWL shelter today. They are now all in HPC foster homes.

Demi (above) is a 2-year-old white and tabby female with a half-tail. We can already tell she is a sweet and affectionate cat. The people at the shelter guessed she had lost the part of her tail at a very young age.


The three kittens (about 8-weeks-old) we think are all female. There are 2 dilute calicos and 1 white and orange kitten. Their names are: Asante (thank you in Swahili), Sana (thank you very much), and Afia (health). They are recovering from a URI (upper respiratory infection) which unfortunately is very common for shelter kitties.

IMG_7866IMG_7872photo 1

They will be available for adoption soon, so If you are interested in Demi or the kittens write us and let us know at ! More on these wonderful kitties to come soon.

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Pearlie and Babycat

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