“Raindrop,” an injured kitten, was brought to us late Wednesday night. She had been found, in a box, in Nichols Park, with a makeshift splint on her leg. We took Raindrop this morning to see Dr. Williams at Hyde Park Animal Clinic. An x-ray showed a herniated bladder. We made the decision to at least attempt surgery, and left Raindrop at the clinic.

Raindrop did well during surgery. The vet thought that the kitten had been kicked, causing massive swelling and bleeding. She is still at the clinic for IV fluids and monitoring. She will feel better tomorrow!

Please, if you feel moved, send donations to us at http://hydeparkcats.org/ Small amounts add up! To donate, go to our website at http://hydeparkcats.org and look for the golden paw in the upper right corner. OR you can drop off cash/check donations at Parker’s, a Natural Dog & Cat Market for us. OR you can even donate to us directly at Hyde Park Animal Clinic (checks only please no cash). All checks must be made out to Hyde Park Cats. THANKS! And follow us on our facebook page for the latest updates on Raindrop!



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Meet Patchez, a beautiful young tortie who needs a new home!

***I am adoption pending!***


“My name is Cleo Patchez, and I’m a little over a year old. I’m healthy, spayed, and up to date on my shots. I must say that I am a people person and love human attention. I’m good with little people, but I prefer to hang with less ‘antsy’ big people (sudden loud noises still scare me a little bit). I’m a ‘loner’ cat for now, but open to maybe having siblings. I like to play in empty boxes and paper bags, and speaking of paper I like to play fetch with paper balls and loooove ‘laser tag!’ I like to people-watch from the window or the couch, and take field trips outside. I don’t ‘talk’ that much but will let you know when I’m hungry or want to play. I like soft, comfy spots to lay, like your bed, your couch, or your lap. Although I’m well loved, I’m in need of a new home to get settled in, so if you are in need of a new friend like me, have your people contact my people!”

Check out this video of this adorable girl from last year:


Beautiful Patchez is currently on our waitlist: if you would like to meet Patchez OR foster for us please let us know at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !!IMG_20130623_140409

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