Yaya and kittens!

Yaya's 3 kittens

Yaya’s 3 kittens

Yaya and her 3 adorable kittens Dempsey, Lahm, and Ali were rescued from AWL, a local shelter in early July. And great news, 2 of the kittens are adoption pending (yay!) leaving 1 kitten and mama cat herself who still need a forever home. See more photos of this wonderful family here: http://hydeparkcats.org/yaya-and-kittens/


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We were able to pull Amara and her 3 kittens from the AWL shelter thanks to a new foster family. And more great news,all 3 of her kittens are already adoption pending, leaving of course the gorgeous mama cat herself! Amara is a wonderful mother – she waits patiently for her kittens to eat before she takes any food. She’s mostly over nursing but loves to clean the kittens and play fight (she must be teaching them); she keeps her eyes on them at all times. When she hears a sibling fight reach a certain pitch she checks up on them. She has a whirred purr, like a trill. Soft and demure. Beautiful green creature eyes, a silky and glossy black coat. She’s lithe, almost kitten-like herself. To meet this petite black short hair, or her kittens, email us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !

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