Volunteers needed for Valentine’s Day bake sale!

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We are looking for volunteers to help out at (and before) our fundraising bake sale at Parker’s on Valentine’s Day. We’ll be there from 12-4, and need volunteers for publicizing, baking, and tabling.

Please sign up to help out– this is a great, low-stress opportunity to get involved and put faces to names!

We’re using VolunteerSpot to organize signup:

1) Click this link to see our Sign-Up: http://vols.pt/p4aRwY
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! You will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.


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Meet 9-month-old Leroy, resident foster kitty at Parker’s in Hyde Park

***I am adoption pending***

photo 1 (16) photo 2 (15)

Recently vetted Leroy is now accepting visitors (and potential adopters!) at Parker’s, a natural dog & cat market, Hyde Park’s award winning pet supply store and longtime supporter of HPC and animal rescue. Leroy was estimated to be about 9-months-old, and boy is he a real sweetie.

Leroy is an energetic and playful young kitty who wants to engage! He will provide you hours of fun and a lifetime of companionship .. but first he needs to be taught some Household Manners. Leroy should be with a person who can interpret kitty body language and knows the difference between play behaviors and aggressive behaviors, as well as be able to teach and reinforce wanted behaviors and discourage unwanted behaviors. We believe Leroy would do great in a household with a dog and/or a cat, but not with young children or with someone who has not had a cat before.

photo (14)

Interested in adopting? As always, let us know at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com

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