Dempsey and Yaya, a mother/son bonded pair, seek forever home

Dempsey and Yaya

Dempsey and Yaya

Yaya and Dempsey are a bonded mother/son pair looking for a home together. As you can see, they are inseparable (and adorable!). Their fosterer writes:

Yaya is a mellow and caring cat who enjoys sitting on my keyboard whenever I attempt productivity and watching tv together. She likes watching tennis (or really any sport) and is a huge fan of videos of birds, perking up and pawing the tv/computer screen. She’ll sleep in on weekends and follow me from room to room when I’m home. Her favorite game is chasing a laser pointer. While her son is the rambunctious one, she’s also known to enjoy a game of chase.

Watching Dempsey grow from a kitten to a teenager has been a real pleasure. He is still as playful as the day I got him. He loves toys with dangling items on a stick (see photos) and has been known to leap 3 feet (no lie!) when he’s really in the zone. He’s always instigating games with him mom, Yaya, whether by swatting at her tail on knocking a ball in her directions. Like Yaya, he is very well tempered and can be scooped up at any time– great for kids!

To meet Yaya and Dempsey, please write to us at (as always)!

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Hi Libby!

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Libby is a young, sweet and gentle female, around 1 year old. She gets along with other cats and kittens in her foster home. Her fosterer writes about her sweet personality:

– Libby loves to roll over on her back and wriggle around on a rug while I stroke her chin.

– Libby is very vocal. She “talks” to me constantly. The noises she makes are pleasant; she has a variety of meows, chirps, warbles, and purrs. She enjoys it when I talk to her. She likes being the center of my attention, and we have “conversations” during which she cheerfully meows in response to everything I say.

– She follows me from room to room. She doesn’t necessarily want me to touch her, but she likes being in the same room as me.

– Libby is somewhat timid/shy, and may hide from strangers. However, once you win her trust, she will be a devoted companion. If there is a sudden noise or movement she may dart away, but she will quickly return to where the people are once she has decided it is safe.

– She’s not an “in-your-face” kind of cat. Except for the vocalizing, she’s kind of shy and retiring — a low-key companion. For example, if I am sitting on the couch doing work, she will curl up on a different chair or couch and keep me company from a distance while I work.

– She loves playing with toys. She has a stuffed mouse that she carries all over the house with her. She also really likes playing “string.”

Want to meet this gorgeous tabby? Let us know at !

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