Hyde Park Cats needs foster homes!

**We are adoption pending!**


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Bonnie and Clyde are out to steal your heart!

She is the calico; he is grey and white.

If you’re the person they’re looking for, let us know!

We have many many cats and kittens on our waitlist right now. If you are interested in adopting or fostering, we’d LOVE to hear from you at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com

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**I am adoption pending!**


One frigid day in February, we got a call about a cat under a car at the Kimbark Plaza. That cat was Mona, frozen and terrified. Su took her home and looked after her, and Mona has just moved to a new foster home, where her fosterer says she is doing really well.

She writes:

Mona is an adorable and very inquisitive little cat. She has completely settled in and loves to run around the apartment and play with her toys. Every time I open a drawer or closet she is peeking around eager to explore. Mona lean towards being nocturnal and spends much of her day napping and is much more energetic at night. I’m absolutely thrilled to foster her and we are happily getting along.

Mona is still on the shy side though – she will sniff her fosterer and follow her around seeking out her company, but not yet allow herself to be petted.

Mona is fully vetted and ready for adoption. She will need a home with someone patient and loving who can look forward to the incredible reward of winning a cat’s trust and love.

To meet Mona, write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !

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