Mr. Whiskers: a big beautiful cat with a big personality!

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Mr. Whiskers is a big beautiful cat with a big personality. He is 5-6 years old but plays and jumps like a kitten. He loves to chase balls and the laser pointer, and will happiest in an environment where he can get lots of exercise and stimulation. While he isn’t a lap cat, he enjoys pets and human companionship. He will probably do best in a home without other cats. Mr. Whiskers is vetted and ready to find his new best friend. Contact us at if you would like to meet this handsome guy who is looking for his forever home.

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Welcome to HPC, Daphne and kittens!

**Update Dec 1: All 4 of us are adoption pending! Mama cat Daphne still needs a home.**

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Meet our newest admits: Daphne, a young mama cat (snow-shoe type markings, on the chair, above) and her four adorable kittens. The kittens are: Big Anna is black and white, with a reverse widow’s peak, Franny is black and white with a black mask face, Dot has Y-shaped white marking on forehead, and Little O is tan siamese-y mix. Here is a bit more about their purrr-sonalities!

1) Little O — meezer-style, smallest of her litter, one of the shyer ones, but friendly and a force to be reckoned with during playtime. Friendly, likes to receive pets but for now is more of an independent, four-paws on the ground kitten (as opposed to a lap cat). *Loves* feather toys and carries the feathers around the room in her mouth, triumphant.

3) Big A (Anna Swan)– much bigger than her litter mates at 4 weeks! Lion-hearted, gregarious, total lap cat. When the others are sleeping, she marches into the pile, plops down, and wedges in.

3) Franny – bright, sweet, curious, the first kitten to try climbing onto her fosterer and into her lap. An excellent climber, enjoys scaling the scratching post to knock toys off the top.

4) Dot (aka Harry Potter Moo Cow) a bit more cautious than Big A & Franny, but extremely inquisitive and playful. Loves snuggling and exploring bookshelves. Her markings are a delight–she has a black paint stroke marking on her chest, and a zigzag on her forehead.

5) Li’l Momma (aka Daphne) is beautiful long legged snowshoe-type cat with a rough history. She hides away but lately has been coming out to snuggle into living room chairs, even with company over! She’s very happy to take treats and is very slowly warming up to the idea of receiving pets. Needs lots of patience and love and assurance that the world is not a threatening place anymore.

This family is settling into their new home well, so comfortable in fact that last night the whole family had a really fun play romp, Daphne too!

Want to meet Daphne and her kittens? Write to us at!

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