Lexi update!

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Lexi is a very special young adult tabby lady, estimated to be about 2 years old. Because she came in from a rough life outdoors, she can be very shy around strangers and takes awhile getting settled in a new place. She LOVES the other cats in her home (see photos below) and can often be found snuggling with them.

She also loves to play. She has hoarded her favorite toys: a shoe string, a mouse and a catnip bag behind the living room chair. It’s not uncommon to find her running around with the shoe string around her.

Lexi is now completely at home with her fosterer. Although still skittish in doorways and still afraid of hands and feet, her fosterer reports that a couple weeks ago, she head butted her hand during feeding time – the first time she has ever initiated contact. It was very cute.

With cats like Lexi, lots of love, time, and patience can really pay off. Thank you to her fosterer for caring for her and helping Lexi learn to trust the people who care about her.

Interested in meeting this special lady? Let us know at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com

Below are adorable photos of Lexi and her buddy, resident cat Achilles. She adores him!

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