**We are all adoption pending!**


Bouquet of fresh kittens just delivered to HPC.

They are about 6 weeks old and will be available for adoption meetings starting April 12.

They are:

Dark tabby = Lannister (adoption pending!)
Small tabby = Tessie (adoption pending!)
Small grey and white = Louie (adoption pending!)
Large grey and white = Basil (adoption pending!)
Calico = Papaya (adoption pending!)

You can get your applications in now if you are interested:

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Lovely tortie Matrix update!

**I am adoption pending!**

Matrix, a tortie kitten beauty, completely turned a corner in her foster home a few days ago. The first week she tended to hide, followed by a few days of wanting to be petted but then running away, etc. Then all of a sudden she settled in.
Two nights ago she sat on a lap for the first time (and boy did she, see photo above)! Now she adores being petted, and will even drool when you give her the head rubs and chin scratches she seeks out.
Matrix is definitely still kittenish – she loves to play with toys, stalk the other cats, and talk to herself. She’s not especially food motivated, but happily eats now with her foster siblings, though she still thinks treats are toys instead of food.
She has started to follow her fosterer around quite a bit, and is still figuring out what to make of the other cats, but is friendly and playful so she will do well with most other animals. Although she can’t sit still for very long, she is starting to show some signs of lap cat tendencies as well! As you can see in the photos, her belly fur hasn’t grown back in yet, but she loves to have her tummy rubbed.
To meet this sweet kitten, write to us at !
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