Vanilla Muffin (aka Star) is on the mend!

Vanilla Vanilla2

About 3 weeks ago, we pulled Star, a senior owner surrender, from ACC.

She came to us with a badly infected eye and and we got immediate treatment for her.

It helped but didn’t resolve her problem, so last week she had an accessed tooth removed that was infecting her eye and nose.

She is healing wonderfully and can now look at the world through 2 beautiful green eyes.

Star also has a new name – Vanilla Muffin. She gets along great with kids and is a very sweet and affectionate cat.

Interested in this lovely lady? is our email!

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Sweet Sheba

Sheba Sheba1
Sheba is opening up a little more each day. She loves to play and now comes into her fosterers’ room at night to explore.
She enjoys batting at balls, chasing string, and gazing out the window at night. She is still very shy but is very sweet!
To meet the lovely Sheba, write to us at
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