Roses are red, violets are blue, sometimes in gardens, kittens grow too!

**I am adoption pending!**
veggie1 veggie2

Veggie is a sweet, loving kitten who was found in a community vegetable garden.

She quickly made his way into the hearts of her finders, who found more than they expected growing in their garden. She is about 3 or 4 months old, playful, affectionate and very cute.

She is indoors now, and the family caring for her now has fallen deeply in love, but already has two cats, and can’t give her a permanent home.

He is litter trained, eats well, and has been fully vetted.

Welcome Veggie!


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Rosie and Violet

**We are adoption pending!**
Rosie and Violet4

Rosie and Violet are a bonded kitten pair. They are both very cuddly and love to play with humans, each other, and most toys. Rosie’s a bit more adventurous, as she approached the resident dog head-on within about 5 minutes of being out of the carrier, but Violet wasn’t far behind once she saw her sister doing it.

Both of them fear very little in terms of trying new things, and they’ve come close to jumping on the counters even though they are both so small still.

To meet this kitten duo, please write to us at !

Rosie and Violet1 Rosie and Violet2 Rosie and Violet3
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