Kittens kittens kittens!

stargazer-sprout-and-bud stargazer-sprout-and-bud1 stargazer-sprout-and-bud2

Bud, Sprout and Stargazer (pictured in that order) are all friendly and playful and get along with male resident cats and dogs.

They also need forever homes!

Like all of our kitten trios, they are available as :

– a box set, or
– as a pair, or
– one can join a home with an existing cat

Kittens need feline company for their development, and bonded cats keep each other emotionally, psychologically, and physically healthy for life.

Write to us to meet them at

UPDATE Oct 1., 2016


And here they are posing for a family photo. Young mom, Lily Rose, who is also available for adoption, is sitting next to Buster the dog (who is not!)

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Hobbes is here!


Handsome Hobbes is one of our pipeline cats.

He is on our waiting list for a foster home and his finder is working with us to arrange his vetting.

He’s quite the looker! For more intel on adopting or fostering Hobbs, please write to us at

UPDATE Oct 5th: Hobbes has been fully vetted and is estimated to be about 2 years old.


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