Chiyo is a dashing diva doll of a cat

Chiyo 3 Chiyo 8

Chiyo 7 Chiyo

Chiyo has an imaginative playfulness that is very endearing: she’ll sit contentedly in the bathroom for a few minutes, then suddenly attack the bath mat with all she’s got. Then she’ll spring two feet straight up in the air and scamper away. It’s really adorable!

Her fosterer says that she is getting more affectionate every day. She can also be a bit of a diva! Chiyo is very affectionate to people once she’s warmed up to them but she still likes her own space and wants to bestow that affection on her terms.

Chiyo is estimated to be around 2-3 years old. As an added bonus, she is a tested traveler who handles long trips and her carrier/harness very well.

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