Meet delightful tuxedo cat Bodhi

**I am adoption pending!**


Sweet, adoptable Bodhi is really playful and is estimated to be about 1.5 years old. He’s very sweet, he follows his fosterers around the house and loves cuddling at night. He’s by all accounts quite lovable!

To meet this *dashing* fellow, write to us at

bodhi1 bodhi3  bodhi6

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Sweet Sheba update!

**I am adoption pending!**
sheba sheba3

An update on sweet-but-sometimes-shy adoptable Sheba!

Her fosterers returned from a summer away and were pleased to see how much great progress she’s made since they last saw her.

Although she is still a little shy, she will usually always come for pets when called. She also has been coming out into the rest of the house (sometimes during the day!).

In addition to her love for playtime, Sheba is affectionate and loving and seems to be very happy.

To meet the lovely Sheba, write to us at

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