Charlotte warms up


Miss Charlotte is a sweetie. She only recently came in from living outside (no Chicago winter for this kitty!) and she is still coming out of her shell. Charlotte will need some extra patience and love, but is so far coming along nicely.

Her fosterer writes: “I think there’s a lot more in regards to her personality that we’ll be able to tell you once she’s a bit more socialized, but she’s a doll! At the moment Charlotte is shy and hiding almost all of the time as she gets used to us and to being an indoor cat for the first time. She’s a playful cat though and we hear her batting around her rattling toys. I think her previous caretaker got to know more about her personality since she interacted with Charlotte when she was more in her natural element outside, and she told me Charlotte is very affectionate.”

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Wyndemere and Valentin

**We are adoption pending!**


Wyndemere (long hair tabby) and Valentin recently joined our adoption program.

They are both thought to be males and are estimated to be 10 weeks old.

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