Mamba (update) No. 2


Mamba is a classic tortie beauty and the camera loves her!

Her fosterer writes:

She is settling in beautifully to her foster home, and some of her cute quirks have come out as she’s relaxed. This little lady loves to meow and chirp, asking to be patted and played with. She enjoys being stroked while eating, which I’d never seen before, and will flop over for belly rubs. She is so curious, exploring the apartment and taking a fascination with the resident fish.

Mamba has struck a truce with foster bro and HPC alum Rocky (pictured below), and ~almost~ cuddled him the other day. Mamba and her foster sister, also HPC alum, Willa, are still a bit wary of each other, but have had a handful of sweet, peaceful moments together.

To meet this tortie beauty write to us at !

mamba3 mamba1 mamba4

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