Meet Dylan

dylan-1 yuki and dylandylan-2

Dylan is a gentle, easygoing, and friendly orange tabby whose tiny voice and tiny appetite match his small frame. He is estimated to be around 10 years old. Dylan is an expert at finding comfortable places to curl up in and is happy to spend some time on a lap. He loves head scratches and is not too proud to beg for them with a meow or by butting his head against your hand. If you give him a good scratch at the right time you may be rewarded with a purr and vibrating tail. He entertains himself with toys and looking out the window and has never encountered a closed door that he does not want to look behind.

Dylan loves to be groomed, and has, of course, his special comb. Having been a singleton in a past life, he is adjusting well to the other cats in his temporary foster home.

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