Adoptable Audrey


Adoptable Audrey is enjoying her vacation in the big apple, and being spoilt rotten – take a look at that stocking!

She has met and made peace with her host family’s 14 year old dog, Spiffy and she is warming up to human guests to the house.

Audrey frolicks through the apartment, flicking her tail high in the air while she rummages through holiday gifts and leaps onto chairs.

She is also definitely a window cat, and loves to watch the birds at the feeders outside and feel the cool breeze of fresh air.

Audrey still chirps like crazy when she is about to be fed (and it is the cutest thing ever).

She’ll be back in Chicago for 2017 for anyone who wants to meet her.

audrey1 audrey2

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More about Bette !


New admit Bette is about 13-14 weeks old, has a lovely sleek coat, and is very sweet and friendly. She likes to plop down in front of you to indicate she needs belly rubs. She also loves nuzzling heads and having her nose kissed and being cradled.

For more information on meeting and adopting Bette, email us at !

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