Owen and DJ

Owen, Tom and DJ3 Owen, Tom and DJ4 Owen, Tom and DJ2

**UPDATE 3/26: Tom is now called Bo, see his page here! All three are still available.**

This orange tabby kitten trio were recently rescued from an abandoned building. They are estimated to be 5-6 months old, and all 3 are boys! They can be adopted in pairs or separately.

They are playful and friendly and all three get along well with the resident cats and dog.

Tom Johnson is a very outgoing, curious kitty. It took him a couple days to come out of hiding, but now he has warmed up and decided that he loves everyone. Other then that he is a cuddle bug!

DJ was similarly very shy at first. It took him a couple days to come out of hiding. He loves to play with his toy mouse and feather play balls. He like to cuddle and his favorite spot to be is on the couch.

Owen is the most loving and cuddly of the kittens and was not afraid at all. He is a brave little kitty. Put him in a baby blanket and call it a day.

For more information, please write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !

Owen, Tom and DJ5

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3 thoughts on “Owen and DJ

  1. I am very interested in adopting both DJ and Owen. However, I will not be moving into my new apartment until June. Is there anyway they would still be in foster care then?

    • Thanks for your message, I have passed your inquiry along to our adoption coordinator. Thanks! Melissa

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