Adopt Lavender!

**I amĀ adoption pending!**

Lavender1 Lavender2

Lavender’s kittens will be leaving her at the end of the month (we keep moms and kits together for 10 weeks.) At that time Lavender will be looking for a home of her own.

She is a beautiful housepainter lady. She is doing a great job as mama to 6 kits but is also still a kitten herself in some ways – she runs as fast as she can to the toy corner and rolls around with the catnip toys.

She’s gentle and very talkative, and has one of the funniest low-pitched coo/meows ever heard.

We’ll be getting Lavender fully vetted soon and she will then be adoption-ready. But if you’d like to meet her before then, let us know at !


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