Kitten Poppy

**I am adoption pending!**


Poppy Bonk is the 6th of the Spice kittens and available for adoption.

No longer the runt of the litter, he has grown into a plump, playful, and curious kitten. He loves to climb legs (human, not furniture) and crawl as close as possible for snuggles.

He has a few white hairs on his tail tip, and he loves playing and wrestling with his family members.

Poppy Bonk has also, as you can see, mastered the art of the scratcher. Or maybe he’s just starring in his own King Kong remake?

Poppy B will need to be adopted into a home with a resident cat, or paired with one of our adoptables – perhaps even his mama Lavender?

To meet him write to us at !

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4 thoughts on “Kitten Poppy

  1. Just donated $25 for the treed cat removal. I so love the fact that people still care about our wonderful animals. God Bless your organization. It was my daughter Sydney who sent the email.

    • Thanks for your interest in Poppy, I forwarded this inquiry and your email address to our adoption coordinator. She will send you an adoption application as a next step. Thanks! Melissa

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