Sophie and 4 kittens!

**Mama Sophie plus kittens Big Suze and Superhans are adoption pending!**

Jez, Dobby, Big Suze, and Superhans   Jez, Dobby, Big Suze, and Superhans5Jez, Dobby, Big Suze, and Superhans6Jez, Dobby, Big Suze, and Superhans2

Meet Sophie (grey) and her four 5-week-old kittens, Jez, Dobby, Big Suze, and Superhans! They have become pretty formidable at playing, tumbling off furniture and laps, and sleeping.

All four kittens are extremely friendly and good natured – they all are very social (with people and each other), loving, and outgoing; they happily amuse themselves but also love to snuggle on laps and give baths/kisses.

They have beautiful steel blue eyes, which will gaze meaningfully at anyone holding them (they have been known to give their human face hugs at such moments); their tails stick straight up when they gallop around, and their fuzzy fur, if you look closely enough, has stripey or swirly black-grey patterns underneath.

Mom (Sophie) is stunning to look at, and the model of patience and motherhood. She has raised her babies with endless care and baths and cuddles, and she has a beautiful chirpy meow to talk to her kittens and humans. She loves people and is incredibly affectionate with everyone she meets.

All five are absolute delights and will brighten any home.

To learn more about adopting them when mom and kits are ready to be separated, write to us at !

Jez, Dobby, Big Suze, and Superhans4

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8 thoughts on “Sophie and 4 kittens!

  1. Hi!

    I am very interested in adopting one of your black, female kittens! I’m located in South Loop and live in a pet-friendly apartment complex. I have 2 male cats at home; 3 and 1 years old. They are both very social and welcoming, so your kitten would be in great hands. I am hoping to get more information.

    • Thanks for your message, I forwarded this inquiry and your email address to our adoption coordinator. She will send you an adoption application as a next step. Paws crossed! Melissa

      • Thanks for your help Melissa! I received an application from your adoption coordinator and submitted my completed application yesterday evening. Hope to hear back from you all!

    • Thanks for your message, I have passed your inquiry (including interest in Bo) along to our adoption coordinator. Thanks! Melissa

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