Snow, Pi, and Iota

**We are adoption pending!**

Mama Snow and kittenssnowandkits

A warm welcome to Snow and her kittens Pi and Iota.

The babies are less than week old but are already fighting for the favorite teat.

They are named after the shape of their little black toupes one is in the shape of of a pi (π), the other like an iota (ι).

Mama Snow is extremely sweet, calm and affectionate. She loves to be held, and purrs when you talk to her, pet her and hold her. She also is very attentive to her kittens. She is petite and looks very young – probably just old enough to have her first litter.

We keep moms and kittens together for 10 weeks but are wiling to take adoption applications before then, email us at to get the process started!

Snow and her kittens Pi and Iota

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