Baby Boy

Baby Boy2 Baby Boy
Handsome tabby Baby Boy can be seen here enjoying his homemade cat tree. What a sweetie!
His fosterers report that he is doing great and has really opened up with them. Initially Baby Boy was nervous and hid, and now he moves more freely and likes to sit on the window ledge all day. He comes and cuddles with his fosterers at night but still likes his own space.
We are happy to report that he gets along splendidly with a 6-8 month old kitten his fosterers happen to be caring for. Baby Boy and the kitten are best buddies, most active at night, jumping around, climbing, etc. Baby Boy is very gentle with him, even cleaning the kitten sometimes. So we know he gets along well with other cats, which is always a plus. 
Baby Boy is around 3 years old.
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