DJ and Owen, a 6-month-old brother pair

Dj and OwenDj and Owen2

DJ and Owen are doing great in their new foster home. This orange tabby brother pair have warmed up very quickly and are having lots of fun.

Their previous fosterer had written:

DJ was very shy at first. It took him a couple days to come out of hiding. He loves to play with his toy mouse and feather play balls. He like to cuddle and his favorite spot to be is on the couch.

Owen is the most loving and cuddly of the kittens and was not afraid at all. He is a brave little kitty. Put him in a baby blanket and call it a day.

Their brother Bo is also available for adoption:

For more information, please write to us at !

Dj and Owen3 Dj and Owen4 Dj and Owen5

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