Pretty Pierogi

Pierogi2 Pierogi

Pierogi has a new name to go with her new life.

We were happy to admit this tabby lovely to our adoption program on the weekend.

She had been on our waiting list for about 6 weeks.

She was shown the door by her former owners in the Fall but has stuck around outside what she thought was her home.

They ignored her but a kind neighbor took pity on her and fed her. She has made her way outside for about 6 months. Fortunately we had a mild winter.

She’s a beautiful cat with piercing green eyes, a colorful coat and little white booties.¬†At first she was a little anxious about being inside, but she soon remembered what it’s like to be loved and cared for and has become much happier, following her fosterers around and seeing affection.

We will be working on getting Pierogi adoption ready.

For more on meeting and adopting Pierogi, write to us at !

Pierogi 3

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One thought on “Pretty Pierogi

  1. My heart goes out to this sweet and loyal girl. Does she get along with other cats? I’m interested in adopting a pair. I’d like be to meet her.

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