Darwin and Sinclair

Darwin and Sinclair  Darwin and Sinclair3

Black and white Darwin and tabby Sinclair are, as you can see, a bonded pair and we’d love for them to be adopted together.

Darwin is 2.5 years old, energetic, playful, very curious, and social. He loves running around the house and checking stuff out, but is also a great lap cat – He is very cuddly and especially enjoys lounging on his human and watching a movie.

Darwin and Sinclair spend a lot of time wrestling and chasing each other, as well as sleeping together or cuddling in their cat bed.

Two year old Sinclair is calm, relaxed, playful, and social. He loves affection – especially in the form of head rubs and scratches – and is a big time purrer.

Both cats take easily to new humans, as well as to new cats.

Write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com to meet them.

Darwin and Sinclair2

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