The Squirrel Kittens

squirrel kittens 2 squirrel kittens

The squirrel kittens have been living with humans for 2 whole weeks! Which means they’re 6 weeks old and just emitting dangerous amounts of cuteness everyday.

They wrestle and cuddle like any kitten buddies, won’t leave any corner of the world unexplored, and never fail to tackle a string toy.

The tabby is a bit bigger in size and usually comes out first when there’s a string dancing around. Black kitten still pretends she (he?) doesn’t like you but literally the millisecond you put your hand on her, she just melts and purrs. We’re trying to call them Tamia and Sciurus, for the Latin name of pine squirrel (Tamiasciurus), but don’t want to gender them wrong..

They haven’t gotten any vetting yet, but we heard you can start sending adoption applications for them now to !

squirrel kittens 5 squirrel kittens 8squirrel kittens 6 squirrel kittens 7

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