Boss Lady and Shy Guy

orange buff kitten

Just under 3 weeks ago we put out a call for help with 6 young cats who were living outside. We needed foster space to help socialize them.

In the last few days, all the kittens have come inside and been situated.

Here are two of them – Boss Lady is the dilute tortie and Shy Guy is the other one.

Before coming inside, these kittens had not been touched nor in close contact with humans. They were fast approaching the time beyond which it becomes really hard to socialize them.

Thanks to Sophie, Brooke, and Deniz for stepping up to help these kittens. They are about 3 months old and once they grow more comfortable, we will arrange their vetting and get them adoption ready.

Their tortie mama Jade has also since been fully vetted and adopted.

Interested in adopting? Write us at for the next steps!

orange buff kitten2 orange buff kitten4

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