Sweet Jinny Update

Jinny 2Jinny

We rescued Jinny from the street about two months ago, and she is thriving.

Jinny is a young adult petite, sweet girl who is enjoying the good life inside. She loves gentle cuddling and will settle in next to you wherever you are. She’s not too sure about “laps” yet but she makes sure she’s near you and touching you.

Now that she knows she’s safe inside, she’s discovering toys and is having a bit of a second kittenhood. She’s fond of the laser, catnip toys, and the feather wand toy. She loves her cardboard scratchers and doesn’t scratch anywhere she’s not supposed to.

Jinny is currently living with two foster brothers and is getting used to sharing space with them, but mostly avoids them. She could live as a single cat (with lots of play time) or with another cat.

Jinny must have been outside for a while – she has lost part of her right ear to frostbite – so we are so glad she is inside and happy and safe.

To meet his lovely kitty, write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com

Jinny 3

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