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Merrie is a fun, social and energetic 5-month-old kitten. She loves all people and cats! Merrie is quickly learning from her foster brothers how to be a polite friend and playmate, and they reward her by playing chase and wrestling with her. They are trying to teach her the gentle art of “cuddling” but she would rather wrestle than sit still. She’s learning, though.

Merrie has a ton of energy and plays nonstop, by herself or with her foster brothers. She especially loves the laser and the trackball, but everything is a toy to her! She’s recently become fascinated with water and speeds to the bathroom every time she hears the faucet running. She’s also a fan of TV.

Merrie needs to live with another cat, preferably one (or more) she can play with and learn from. She would do well in a busy household where’s there’s always something to chase/see/pounce on/lick/run with.

She is fully vetted and adoption-ready. Let us know if you’d like to meet her at !


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