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A warm welcome to Raven who until last Thursday was living outside on the street, including during the very frigid snap that Chicago recently endured.

We got a report about him from a concerned community member and headed off with a trap.

At first Raven was having none of it (see the first picture) but when we went back the next morning we nabbed him. The community member was able to foster him temporarily in a spare bathroom.

By all reports Raven is very sweet. When approached by a new person, he fired off a couple nervous hisses and then launched into full deep purrs and couldn’t get enough scratches.

Our next step will be to get Raven fully vetted and adopted. But for now we are just delighted that this little man is safe and warm with a full belly.

For an update on Raven, write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !

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