Bao and Jaspa

Bao (black female) and Jaspa (tabby male)3 Bao (black female) and Jaspa (tabby male)5 Bao (black female) and Jaspa (tabby male)7

Kitten pair Bao (black female) and Jaspa (tabby male) are friendly, playful kittens.

Right out of the carrier they were loving purr-machines, and it took them no time to settle in.

Jaspa is very forward with his affection and quickly greets everyone he meets with a nose touch. When he isn’t busy playing, he loves sitting on laps, and is always curious to see what everyone is up to. Jaspa is also the only cat I have ever had who will climb under the covers during the day to¬†sleep.

Bao is a little more reserved but is also an affectionate cat. Once she is used to you (about 10 minutes) she’ll also happily sit on your lap and purr. Her slightly more reserved personality complements Jaspa’s nicely.

This pair will soon be fully vetted and adoption ready. Write to us at for more on Bao and Jaspa!

Bao (black female) and Jaspa (tabby male)6 Bao (black female) and Jaspa (tabby male) Bao (black female) and Jaspa (tabby male)2

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Buttercup1Buttercup Buttercup2

Meet Buttercup, another new entrant to our adoption program who is acclimating nicely to her foster home.

Buttercup is estimated to be 18 months old and is fully vetted.

She loves playing with with resident cat Rocky, who is black and white, and chasing toy mice around the apartment, and they’ve been sleeping together every night on the bed.

Safe to say that she’s all settled in! And you can tell how happy she is by the smiles on her face!

Her fosterer says that Buttercup ” is incredibly sweet, curious, and playful. She’s getting along well with my older cat and even let him groom her last night. She’s also just absolutely gorgeous and her coat is almost golden in the light!”

Her lovely golden hues earned her the name Buttercup. If you’d like to see those hues for yourself, let us know!

Buttercup is fully vetted and adoption ready. Looks like she’ll make a great companion to another cat if that is what you are looking for.

Write to us at to meet her!

Buttercup4 Buttercup3

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