Rumpus and Melee

Rumpus and Melee3 Rumpus and Melee2 Rumpus and Melee

Adoptables Rumpus and Melee are a bonded pair of friendly kittens.

They are eating well, and display great litter box skills.

They are very playful and cuddly with each other and people. They cry for each other if I am holding the other.

They climb a cat tree in their crate and climb the crate walls. They are lots of fun to watch!

To meet them, write to us at !

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Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty

warrenfaye4 warrenfaye2warrenfaye3

Faye Dunaway (dilute tortie) and Warren Beatty (orange and white) are 3.5 months old litter-mates. They are a bonded pair, available for adoption together!

Warren has become the bossy and boisterous one and Faye is more quiet (never makes a peep) and laid back. They both love playing with the laser pointer and all cat things like boxes and paper bags. Faye loves nothing more than to sit in a window or at the very top of our cat tree. Warren prefers sitting in laps and is very upfront about wanting to be pet. Faye will come and rub against your leg when she wants attention and loves sleeping at the foot of the bed.

To meet them, write to us at !


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