Lucio Black

Lucio Black3 Lucio Black2Lucio Black

Recent admit Lucio Black is doing so well in his foster home.

His fosterers report that

“He loves interacting with the resident cat S’mores and has been watching her to figure out how to interact with us. He now comes up to us frequently when he wants us to pet him and will even eat treats out of our hands.

In fact, Lucio has become an enthusiastic eater and gets pretty excited about wet food. He adores playing with toys on a string.

He’s still nervous and runs to hide when a person walks toward him or moves too suddenly, but he has made a lot of progress in terms of settling into the indoor life.

He likes to have time to himself, but he is spending a lot more time with S’mores and with us.

He is still timid, but very friendly and so lovable! We are really enjoying watching Lucio and S’mores chase each other around our apartment.”

Sleek Lucio Black is fully vetted and one year old.

As you can tell from the description, he’d do well in a home with a more confident cat who can continue to mentor him in how to enjoy life with humans.

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