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Rocky often displays the personality of a dog rather than a cat. His fosterers report: Rocky runs to the door whenever we come home, plops at our feet, and rolls over for belly scratches. He enjoys sitting on our laps, or just next to us, and has a funny little meow when he’s trying to get our attention.

Rocky came to us off the street in need of a vet visit for facial wounds. The vet estimated him to be 1-3 years old. He can be described as chatty, cuddly, and happy!

To meet this special fellow, write to us at

Version 2

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Turtle & Shadow update!

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Turtle (tabby and white) and Shadow (black and white) are an inseparable kitten pair.
Turtle is the more adventurous kitty; he loves to play and explore. He has a lot of energy and curiosity. Shadow is more shy at first but once he gets used to you he is a very sweet lap cat. He loves cuddles and is very gentle with children.
This loving pair is ready for adoption! We’d be delighted to hear from potential adopters at 

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