Buy Fromm Family Foods at Parker’s, Benefit Hyde Park Cats!


We just received the great news that Fromm Family Foods will give a donation to Hyde Park Cats for every bag of Fromms purchased from Parker’s, a Natural Dog & Cat Market through the month of August.

Parker’s, a Natural Dog & Cat Market is a longtime supporter of Hyde Park Cats and our rescue work. They are located at 1340-1342 E 55th St in Hyde Park, and can be reached at 773-643-7387.

There has never been a better time to drop by, say hi to our friends at Parker’s, and stock up on this high quality cat food!

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Welcome Ratner!

A warm welcome to Ratner, the newest admit to our adoption program.

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Ratner was found on the street 10 days ago. We distributed him as a found cat and his finder took him to be scanned for a chip. No chip and no one has come forward to claim him.

Ratner’s finder in turn found a fosterer and Ratner is now available for adoption via HPC.

The foster system expands and contracts according to foster availability, so if anyone can foster a cat, we are more than willing to help it find a home.

Without this fosterer, Ratner would have had to go to the nearest open access shelter as all our foster space is full and we have a long waiting list. He looks pretty happy in his foster home, don’t you agree?

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