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First Thursday!

Sprocket and Stone is participating in the First Thursday in Hyde Park and on Thursday, October 6, 5-7:30pm the store is having a special event – and 10% of all sales will be donated to us! So stop in for a raffle, samples, refreshments, and spend a couple bucks while you’re over there.



Hyde Park Farmers Market / Halloween costume sale!

We’ll be at the community table at the Hyde Park Farmers Market on Thursday, October 13th, from 7am (OK maybe not exactly 7am) until 1pm. Please stop by and say hi to our volunteers, and check out the fruits, veggies, flowers, baked goods, coffee, and etc. at the market!

And … we’re going to be selling HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Yes, we would love to take any old Halloween costumes (pieces ok) off your hands to sell! Please email hydeparkcats@gmail.com to arrange.

Our table is provided free of charge so let’s show the market a little love!


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Sweet Sheba update!

sheba sheba3

An update on sweet-but-sometimes-shy adoptable Sheba!

Her fosterers returned from a summer away and were pleased to see how much great progress she’s made since they last saw her.

Although she is still a little shy, she will usually always come for pets when called. She also has been coming out into the rest of the house (sometimes during the day!).

In addition to her love for playtime, Sheba is affectionate and loving and seems to be very happy.

To meet the lovely Sheba, write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com

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Pickles rescue update — meet Nickles!


Breaking news – Pickles’ sibling, Nickles, has been trapped and they have been reunited. So we are now looking for a foster and adoptive home for both cats. The two of them had been living in a backyard, and there were no mama cat sightings.

We’re not sure which is Pickles or Nickles in the photos, from what we know, they are identically cute!

Contact us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com to find out more.


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