Maddie is a 1-2 year old medium-haired smoke black cat. She was rescued from a crowded shelter in Chicago and is so happy to be in her foster home. This little lady is VERY affectionate, curious, and very playful. Not one to hide from strangers, Maddie will happily make herself at home on your lap or napping right beside you. She’s also quite energetic and enjoys any games that involve feathers, wands, or balls. During these play sessions, she can be quite “dog-like” as she responds well to commands and quickly runs to me when I call her name. (Perhaps she knows when she’s getting into mischief!)

Maddie would probably do best in a household with another young active cat. She sure has a lot of love to give! She has not yet been fully vetted, but that is in the works, so let us know if you would like to meet her at !

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Beauty is the latest needy cat to cross our path.

She turned up at a Southside colony over the weekend, ravenous, emaciated, flea-ridden and weighing about half of what she should – she weighs 2.5 pounds and is estimated to be 5-6 months old.

One of our volunteers took her for a preliminary vet check, got a flea treatment, and gave her a thorough bath.

We will monitor her closely for the next few weeks and when she is well enough, we will get her fully vetted and posted for adoption.

We have temporary cover for Beauty but always need foster homes for cats like her. And thank you – your donations make it possible for us to get cats like her the vet care they need outside of our regular vetting package.

Doesn’t her “I’m clean, I’m safe” smile say it all?

And here she is looking much better after a bath, a day of good food, and restful sleep!


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