We were contacted to help this cat several weeks ago, but having no foster space, we couldn’t do anything but promise her finder that we would help as soon as we could.

The patient finder worked with us and because one of our fosterers came back to town, we were finally able to admit this cat today. Her fosterer reports

“… kitty and I have had an excellent morning. I’m not sure if it’s my right to name her but I’ve taken to calling her “Darling”. She appears to be a very clever cat. She exited her carrier right away and happily ate. Afterwards she hid for a few minutes but quickly came out and is very, very friendly. She kept rubbing up against me as I dallied away in morning tasks and loves being petted on top of her head. She has already purred, kneaded and shown me her belly so all in all I think she’s rather content. She’s also really playful and started kicking her plushie as soon as I introduced her to the toy. She’s currently snoozing between my feet as I write this. I have a good feeling she will be an excellent adoptee! I’m so glad we got her out of the cold weather.”

Welcome to HPC Darling.

Darling’s finder is driving her to Paws tomorrow for her vetting, so she will soon be adoption-ready.

We’re so grateful to finders who work with us even when we can’t admit cats immediately. And as this story shows, every foster space saves a life. Every single one. If you want to put a smile on a cat’s face like Darling’s, please contact us. We have a long list of cats needing our help.


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