Healing Harrison Ford

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This guy’s time at Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) was running out, so with the help of several people, we pulled him on January 9th.

Harrison Ford has a fractured pelvis, so we’re starting him off on pain killers and crate rest. We’ll be consulting with our vet about the next steps in his care, but typically with these cases, it’s just a matter of time for the bones to heal. If he needs surgery, he will get it of course.

Thanks to all those people from the CACC transfer team site who pledged to contribute to his care.

Thanks to Sprocket and Stone for giving him space, to Gina for transporting him, to the NITT for arranging his transport, and the folks at the CACC cat transfer team for all the great work they do every day for cats in need of rescue.

UPDATE: Harrison Forward!


Recently rescued Harrison Ford is coming along very nicely – he is becoming more relaxed and comfortable, enjoying petting and wiping, and continuing to love his food. Today he even let his carer remove a tightly-wound bandage from his injured leg.

It’s always kitten steps in a medical case like this, but we are really happy with his progress.

Harrison is showing himself to be a very sweet and sensitive boy.

Check out this sweet video of him too:


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