Adopt miss Maravilla (she’s good with cats, no so much with spider plants)



One of Maravilla’s fosterers described her as “so tiny, soft and pretty. The first week she was very shy and mostly in hiding, but since then she’s quickly become very comfortable here and likes to explore and run around. She is still nervous around new people and new noises, but she is very cuddly with us and our resident cat.

Maravilla is very easy to handle now – doesn’t mind being picked up or having her paws handled and she seems to enjoy belly rubs although not as much as chin rubs. After 2 weeks she started sleeping on my bed, greeting me at the door, and sitting in my lap. She’s fast becoming a confident and loving lap cat.

She uses the cat scratch post and our cat tower and loves playing with toys, especially ones that have bells or crinkly sounds. She is a bit mischievous – eats food if it is out, ate our spider plants, and seems very interested in the open door so we have to be careful to not let her out.”

If Maravilla looks and sounds like your sort of cat, let us know at !


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2 thoughts on “Adopt miss Maravilla (she’s good with cats, no so much with spider plants)

  1. I am interested in adopting this kitty! We are looking for a young cat who still likes to snuggle on the couch, so she looks perfect! Could my 7 year old daughter & I meet her?

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