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UPDATE March 21: Ernie is now¬†fully vetted! He’s very friendly and we think he’d make a great starter cat.

Last Thursday, Ernie came to us in dramatic fashion, after we received reports of a cat stuck in a tree (estimated 50 feet up) for 2+ days.

Then: “Just as the remaining volunteers started to leave at around 10.30pm, he decided to come down. He climbed part way but fell the rest – fortunately some branches broke his fall along the way.

Emma was a the bottom of the tree waiting but couldn’t catch him. He then ran off.

We pursued him into a local yard and Debra patiently coaxed him into a carrier with food.

We will now be looking for his owner; if no owner comes forward, he will join the Hyde Park Cats adoption program.

We will assess tomorrow if he needs medical care. For now he seems fine – hungry and glad to be safe.”

For more information on Ernie, write to us at

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