Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Options

Q. Can I get help having my cat spayed/neutered? It’s expensive.

Hyde Park Cats cannot pay for spay/neuter surgery (or other medical care) for your pet cats.  Several places in the city do offer low-cost spay/neuter. Remember, spay or neuter now, no hassle with kittens later. Spayed/neutered pets live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Anti-Cruelty Society
157 Grand Ave., (312) 644-8338 ext.347 (office hours M-F 10a-4p).

PAWS Chicago
3516 W. 26th St., (773) 521-7729 (office hours: Su-Th 9a-5p).

Tree House
1629 N. Ashland Ave., (773) 227-5535 office hours: usually 7a-6p Tu-Sa except holidays); spay@treehouseanimals.org.

The Animal Care League
1013 Garfield in Oak Park, (708) 848-8155.

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