***I have been adopted!***

Sweet Penelope was trapped by the same community member that helped us trap Pretty, Mia, Gerta, Clementine, Huck Finn, and Misha.

Penelope is a youthful 5 years old and has the cutest meow like a kitten. She loves to relax on a trusted lap for pets. Penelope is a breeze to care for – a very low maintenance kitty who simply enjoys human company, rubbing against your legs, or leaning against you while you are hanging out doing your own thing. She won’t mind if you are a busy person with lots to do during the day. She will simply greet you with sweet enthusiasm upon your return. Penelope’s velvety coat is as soft as a kitten’s.

Let us know if you would like to meet this gorgeous lady!


IMG_2779 (1)       IMG_2780

Page last updated: February 28, 2014

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