Reasons To Consider An Older Or Adult Cat

Who should consider an older or adult rescue cat?

Someone who thinks cat ownership is for him/her but isn’t sure. An older cat is a mature cat, a calmer and sedate cat. A cat who can show you the ropes and tell you what’s what.

A person who doesn’t want to deal with the bonkers energy level of a young and active cat.

Someone who prefers the known over the unknown. An adult cat will have established personality traits, whereas the majority of kittens have similar personalities and predicting their future personality based on kitten behavior is difficult.

Someone looking for companionship for another older cat! Often an adult cat would like the companionship of another adult cat, but wouldn’t appreciate the antics of a kitten.

A person who wants to really contribute to rescuing animals in need. Young kittens are easy to find homes for, but, there is a lot of satisfaction in providing a home for a cat who’s been displaced after the cuteness of kittenhood.

And finally, anyone who has ever owned an older cat before. That person knows that though kittens are cute and young adults are fun, the companionship and gratitude provided by older cats is truly the best.

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