Welcome kittens!

**Update 7/14/15: Washington (orange) is adoption pending! Jefferson and Franklin still need homes.**

Check out this video of Jefferson and Franklin here: https://www.facebook.com/HydeParkCats/videos/vb.164063253607047/1131954093484620/?type=2&theater


Washington is one of 3 kittens who have been on our radar for a while.

They were born to an outside mama who was killed by a car when they were a week old.

Here we see Washington at her weigh-in and some competitive(or perhaps co-operative?) eating with her sisters Jefferson (grey) and Franklin (orange).

Check out this video as well of the little loves playing: https://www.facebook.com/HydeParkCats/videos/vb.164063253607047/1124756690871027/?type=2&theater

They are really thriving!

We are grateful to Michelle and Maya for working patiently with HPC to get all the cats at this site vetted. Two males were TNRd, many kittens have been vetted and admitted to foster homes, and the former mama cats – Caleesi and Jade – will be bearing no more homeless kittens. Caleesi is in our adoption program and Jade is on our waiting list.

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Cleo’s litter


This feline family has been living in a community member’s yard for about 5 weeks; Emily has been feeding mama and recently took her to Paws for her vetting.

Mama and kittens are on our waiting list for admission to foster homes. Their names are as follows:

Gracie – all gray (ADOPTED, 7/28/15)
Bessie – black and white patches
Joey Jr – gray tabby
Turtle – mostly white with tortoise shell markings on back, face, tail
Rudolph Greekle – white underneath, tortoise shell on top

The kittens need some socialization, so if you’d like to foster or adopt some of them (no need to take all!), we can provide tips on how to do socialize kittens. It’s a very rewarding experience!

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